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     About Jovak Landscape & Design

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    Easy to work with…


    We ensure that the design-build process for every project we work on is enjoyable for everyone involved. Our experience and the continuous pursuit to provide perfect landscapes for each client has allowed us to create standardized procedures that not only make our clients feel comfortable throughout the project but also allow us to develop landscapes that are best suited to their lifestyles. We approach each project with the same level of dedication, passion, and hard work that we would put into a project of our own.


    We want to ensure that you are completely comfortable with the amount of money being spent on your project. That is why we always create and present our clients with a comprehensive budget to get their approval before starting any work. Any expenses that arise during the course of construction that fall outside of the original budget plan will be discussed with you before any money is spent.


    Since we first opened our doors in 2005, our team has worked on a wide variety of residential landscaping projects, ranging from simple to extremely complex. The experience we have gained in designing and constructing beautiful, functional outdoor living spaces has won us multiple BC Home and Garden awards over the years and has taught us the value of putting our clients’ needs first.


    We understand how stressful large, expensive home projects can be, especially when you can never get a hold of the people doing the work. That is why our friendly and professional team members are always accessible during business hours to answer your questions and concerns. Whether you only have the occasional question or need us on hand throughout the entire process, we will provide you with the respect and dedication you deserve.

    Jovak Landscape & Design Values that we hold dear.
    • CARE


    Humble beginings.

    John Van Kammen and his wife, Lynn, first started Jovak Landscape & Design out of a C can on his grandma’s property with the goal of building a landscaping company that would make peoples’ lives better. Our company was built on the foundation of caring about our clients and team members.

    The beginning of Jovak Landscaping


    Blood. Sweat. Tears.

    In 2012, we built a shop on our current property in Greendale, Chilliwack. Our new shop acted as our headquarters for providing our clients with all their landscape design and construction needs.

    Passionate about landscaping


    Dedicated customer service.

    In order to provide our clients with the best possible customer experience, we built and completed a brand-new office space in 2016 where our clients can comfortably meet with us to discuss their project needs.

    Experienced landscapers


    Where we are today.

    Today, our company still provides comprehensive landscape design and construction services backed by excellent customer service. While our guiding principles haven’t changed—honesty, care, quality, creativity, and transparency—we continue to look toward the future and expanding our business into pool construction and installation.

    Comprehensive landscaping services


    Join the team.

    We are always looking for people who share our passion for creating beautiful and functional landscapes to join our team.

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    Jovak Landscape Team



    John "Johnalophagus"


    John started Jovak Landscape & Design in 2005 with his girlfriend Lynn (since then, married and blessed with five children). He has worked hard to build the company we have today, and he continues to strive to do what is best for his clients and his team. John, a Certified Landscape Technician, takes the role of sales consultant as well as senior designer.


    Lynn "The Boss"


    Lynn’s office work is vital to the operation of the company. Her organization skills, bookkeeping and accounting contribute to the smooth running behind the scenes. As a wife and a mother, she balances work and home life in the management of this family-run business.


    Tyson "Tammy or Ty"

    Project Coordinator/Estimator

    Working summers at Jovak for several years in high school and also throughout his 4 years of
    schooling in Business Administration, Tyson has grown with the company since 2016 and has assumed the roles of Project Coordinator and Estimator. His years of experience in the field are valued as he continues to help our clients and landscape teams deliver great landscapes. Naturally curious and adventurous, Tyson enjoys keeping up with the latest in sports stats and politics, as well as hunting the mountains of BC and spending time with his wife.


    Ryan "Rino"

    Sales Associate/Project Manager

    Ryan has been with Jovak since the beginning. Starting as a labourer, and then on to the role of foreman, he has now moved into a sales role as well as still managing his team in the field. With his exceptional attention to detail and “go happy” nature he manages his team efficiently to install quality landscapes and keeps our clients smiling. In his spare time, he enjoys fishing the Fraser River and dirt biking the mountain road, or hanging out with his wife and three little girls.




    Originally from Russia, Elena brings with her many years of experience in landscape design. She has been with Jovak since 2016 and her artistic flair helps bring the clients’ dreams and
    ideas together to make the perfect design, suited to their needs!


    Gregory "G-Roy"


    Gregory comes from Ontario with over 10 years of experience in Landscaping and stone
    masonry. He is one of our foremen and has the ability to build exceptional landscapes to the highest standards. His great organization skills are a benefit to him and his crew, and he has been a strong Jovak team member since 2016. He enjoys spending time outdoors kiteboarding, as well as riding his road bike around the Fraser Valley.


    Braden "Ginger B"


    Braden began working at Jovak back when he was in high school in 2015. The summer job became a career after he finished school, and he has since then obtained his RedSeal Certificate in Landscaping (we think he’s trying to match his schooling with his beard). Braden can often be found designing in the office or out on the future jobsite, measuring and taking photos. His attention to detail and ability to envision and design outdoor living spaces makes him a valued team member. When he is not using his hockey prowess on the ice, he enjoys spending time with family and hanging with his wife and two kids.


    Chandler "Chan Man"


    Chandler grew up in the Fraser Valley and has been with Jovak since 2017. He has a passion
    for landscaping and building water features. His fine attention to detail and quick wit humour makes him a great team member. In his off time Chandler enjoys shining up his exotic import car or eating copious amounts of food (although you couldn’t tell it from looking at him).


    Jeff "Jeff fa fa" or "Ji"


    Jeff is a valuable team member in this company as well as in his crew. He started with Jovak in
    2017 and has grown in knowledge of the process of construction and design. His good nature
    and quick-witted humour make for a great workmate and his careful attention to detail makes his work very much appreciated by the clients. He loves to spend time exploring nature, hiking mountains around BC, and spending time with his wife and daughter.


    Nick "Nick"


    Nick joined Jovak as a career change in 2020 and brought with him his impressive woodworking skills. Nick comes with training in cabinetry so less than perfect woodwork is no good! Nick is learning the ropes outside the woodwork side of things and is loving the new challenges that come with building outdoor living spaces. Nick likes spending time camping with his wife and 4 kids anywhere around BC.


    Nathan "Nate-dog"

    Junior Leadhand

    At one point in his life, Nathan had neither a beard, nor long hair… We don’t know when but we know it must have been a long time ago. Nathan enjoys camping, wheeling and general backwoods stuff. Nathan has been with us since 2021 and while landscaping he prides himself on working hard and being a team player to get the jobs done. Don’t be concerned about his quiet disposition, his one liners will live on in infamy.


    Brayden "Moore"

    Junior Leadhand

    Brayden came looking to build a career and stopped in to see us in 2021. After deciding to join the team he exited the landscape maintenance world and started his landscape construction career. While killing it and rocking it with his team he still had the itch to return to the maintenance world. You will now find him rocking the edger, mower and trimmer, keeping the install crew’s work looking amazing. If you can’t find him at work he will be out wheeling, exploring the backroads or wooing his wife on an exotic holiday.

    Roland "Rollin Rollin"

    Lead Hand

    Hailing from Chilliwack, Roland has found his niche in the landscaping world since he started in 2022. Building natural rock retaining walls is a passion of his, as well as making sure that perfection is attained in all areas. His witty sense of humor with a dose of dryness has the crew
    chuckling all day. On his off time Roland enjoys time with friends, cooking, and reading up on almost any subject imaginable. His fount of knowledgeable facts will have you asking him, “how’d you know that?!!”


    Colton "Colt"


    Desperately trying to escape Siberia, otherwise known as Edmonton, Colt has found his way over the mountains to enjoy the milder climate of the Fraser Valley. Years of experience in landscaping has let Colton fit right in, helping his team achieve greatness. Forever with a smile on his face, his can-do positive attitude has brought cheerfulness to our team since he started in 2022. If he is not on the job site you will find him working on his house and property, or his cliff climbing abilities. Hiking and finding those hidden spaces in the wilderness is a passion that keeps bringing him out to the wild.


    Ben "Bean"

    Lead Hand

    Hailing from Alberia, uh we mean Alberta, Ben came to the valley full of hopes and dreams. Once they were thoroughly dashed, he joined our team in 2022 to discover that not all hope was lost after all. If anything happens it usually happens to Ben. A storyteller, passionate landscaper, and good-hearted dude, Ben really adds to the team. The past keeps catching up with him though and it seems he can’t quite shake the Alberta roots, so if he’s not at work hangin’ with the boys and getting into trouble, he’s doing that over a weekend in the province east of us.

    Noah "Nosei"


    Noah is a local Chilliwack boy loving the outdoors. Calm, cool and collected, Noah is a great
    team member, quickly honing his skills under the direction of his foreman. Always smiling, Noah
    is good-natured and compliments the team nicely. If you can’t find Noah locally with his wife and daughter, he’s across the pond somewhere by the Province’s capital checking out the local scenery. At least that’s what he tells us.



    Office Administrator

    Hailing from her locality of Yarrow, Dana has held down the bookkeeping like a boss since 2022. From invoicing to reporting metrics, she handles all things like a pro. Originally a Langley girl she has found a home with her husband Jaxon and settled down into the country life. When not at work she can be found exploring the outdoors, hanging with friends or directing Jax. Like we said, she’s a boss. And we would have it no other way.

    headshot placeholder

    Pim “da Preema”

    Lead Hand

    Well where do we start with this man? He flew across the pond from the Netherlands to try his hand at conquering Canada in 2023. He chose the wet lower mainland because as we all know, the Dutch are good with water management. With years of experience and European landscape school behind him we expected a lot, and he delivers every day. From his odd tape measure stick to his European landscaping attire, he has taught the team some “superior” European strategies. Now if only there was a way we could keep him here….mmm… Anyone know a great girl who’s looking for a good dutchman?