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    Garden Landscaping Tips

    Landscaping Tips | November 22, 2016

    Garden landscaping can be as simple or as complex as you would like it to be. From trimming garden weeds and planting fresh flowers to complete garden redesign and overhauls, there is never any shortage of garden landscaping projects in the Lower Mainland and Greater Vancouver area. Jovak Landscaping has been designing spectacular garden landscapes for clients for more than 10 years and has gained plenty of valuable insight to share. Whether you are an experienced gardener or fairly new to the practice, here are 3 garden landscaping tips to help you improve your gardening artistry.

    Garden Landscaping Tip 1: Take the time to plan

    At first this may sound fairly straightforward; however, this critical step is often either rushed or completely overlooked. Garden landscape planning involves several smaller tasks such as addressing overall needs, space, timelines and budget. Addressing the overall needs of a garden landscape project does not have to be complicated. It can be as simple as writing down a list of desired outcomes that will hopefully be achieved as a result of the project. These could include an increase in property value or a larger yield of fruit and vegetables. Once the needs have been addressed, everything else including timelines, space and budget will need to be aligned. Every garden landscape project is going to be constrained by limited space and budget. In order to ensure these variables are on track, speak with a landscaping consultant company like Jovak Landscaping. The landscaping experts at Jovak can provide you with sound experience and advice.

    Garden Landscaping Tip 2: Small steps are key

    A full garden landscaping renovation or overhaul is not something that has to be completed in a single weekend. It is important to take small steps and get a little bit of progress finished each time. This will allow you time to reflect upon your progress and allow you to make any necessary changes along the way before it is too late. A garden landscape project is more of a marathon than a race. Planning and patience are both important important steps in the process.

    Garden Landscaping Tip 3: Remember to plan for growth

    Over time, the plants and flowers in your garden will need to grow. It is critical to plan for this growth ahead of time and to give the plants and flowers the necessary room they will need to grow. Not giving your plants enough room to grow can result in them competing against each other for nutrients. An important garden landscaping tip when planning for growth is to read the back of the seed packages for recommendations on space. This will give you a general idea of how much room to give each plant.

    If you would like to receive more garden landscaping tips or information on landscaping design and construction, please contact Jovak Landscaping & Design at 604-866-7186. We have been providing many different types of landscaping services to clients throughout the Lower Mainland and Greater Vancouver area including landscaping consulting services, grading and demo, natural stone, pavers, walls, outdoor fireplaces and kitchens and more. For a free quote on our services, please fill out a form on our website!