Important Design Considerations for a Backyard Pool


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    Important Design Considerations for a Backyard Pool

    Outdoor Living Spaces | November 15, 2023

    A backyard pool is a dream for many homeowners, offering a place to relax, exercise, and entertain; however, creating the perfect backyard pool requires careful planning and consideration. As a leading provider of landscape design services, Jovak Landscape & Design understands that designing a backyard pool requires careful consideration and planning. That is why we have compiled some essential information on important design considerations for a backyard pool.

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    5 Essential Considerations for Backyard Pools

    1. Safety First

    Safety should be the top priority when designing a backyard pool. Installing proper barriers and fencing around the pool area is critical to prevent accidents, especially if you have young children or pets. Additionally, consider adding safety features such as automatic pool covers or alarms that alert you when someone enters the water. It is also important to consider the pool’s depth and slope for optimal safety. A gradual slope ensures swimmers do not accidentally enter dangerously deep areas.

    2. Size and Shape

    Determine the appropriate pool size and shape based on available space and intended use, whether for exercise, family fun, or relaxation. The size of your backyard should dictate how large or small your pool can be, ensuring that there is still ample space for other activities or landscaping elements. The shape of the pool should complement your overall backyard design aesthetic while also considering practicality. Rectangular pools tend to be more popular since they allow for lap swimming, while rounded pools may better suit family-oriented spaces.

    3. Landscape Integration

    Integrating your backyard pool into your landscape can enhance its appeal and functionality. Consider using natural stone or wood decking to create a visually pleasing transition from your yard to the water’s edge. Additionally, incorporating plants, hedges, or trees around the pool’s perimeter can provide privacy while adding greenery and shade. Integrating your pool into its surroundings creates an inviting oasis where relaxation and entertainment blend with nature’s beauty effortlessly.

    4. Materials and Finish

    Materials and finish choices significantly enhance the pool’s aesthetics and determine its longevity and maintenance requirements. For instance, choosing durable materials like concrete or fibreglass can ensure that the pool withstands wear and tear over time. Additionally, selecting non-slip finishes for pool decks helps prevent accidental slips and falls when wet. It is also essential to choose materials that are resistant to fading from UV exposure, as constant sun exposure can lead to premature wear and discolouration.

    5. Energy Efficiency and Maintenance

    Prioritize energy-efficient equipment and easy maintenance access to reduce operating costs and keep your pool in top condition for years. Opt for energy-efficient equipment such as variable speed pumps, LED lighting, and solar-powered heaters to reduce energy consumption and lower utility bills. Incorporating an automatic chemical feeder or saltwater chlorination system can minimize the amount of manual labour required to maintain water quality. Furthermore, ensuring proper filtration systems and regular cleaning will help make your pool easier to maintain in the long run.

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