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    Landscaping for Beginners

    Are you new to the landscaping scene and unsure of where to begin? Worry not, novice landscaper. With over 10 years of landscaping experience, Jovak Landscaping is here to help with some simple, landscaping for beginners, tips and tricks. As a full-service landscaping company, Jovak Landscaping specializes in landscaping design, landscaping construction, landscaping maintenance and more. Follow along for some simple tips to get started in landscaping.

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    Landscape Tip 1: Work with the elements and weather conditions in your area

    Undoubtedly, the elements (sun, wind, rain) will have a partial effect on the success/failure of your venture into landscaping; therefore, it is important to not only understand the local elements in your area, but to plan for these elements as well. For instance, plants that require more sunshine should be strategically placed in areas that provide a greater access to the sun’s rays as opposed to areas shielded by trees, shrubs and fencing. Evaluating your property’s light distribution, shade and drainage is a key with landscaping for beginners. Always remember to consider the elements when planning a landscaping project.

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    Landscape Tip 2: Start small and set realistic goals

    Start small, get your feet wet and develop your skills before taking on any large landscaping projects. With landscaping for beginners, do not be afraid to make mistakes. Making mistakes with landscaping is an important learning tool. Making these mistakes early on with small projects is critical in preventing costly mistakes from occurring later on with larger projects. It is also important to set realistic goals and timelines for your projects. Setting unachievable timelines only encourages postponement and reduces the likelihood that projects ever get completed. Nobody wants to be that neighbour with the unfinished front lawn that has been on display for decades.

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    Landscape Tip 3: Make friends with your local nursery or garden centre

    Your local nursery or garden centre’s employees have a wealth of landscaping knowledge. Take advantage of it by seeking their advice, asking them questions and purchasing your landscaping products from them. If they work at a nursery or garden centre, they likely have a keen interest in landscaping/gardening and will be happy to talk shop with you.

    Landscape Tip 4: Take advantage of free landscaping educational content

    There are endless amounts of free online tools available to beginner landscapers. YouTube is a great source for online video tutorials, tips and information on all types of landscaping projects. There is a large selection of do-it-yourself landscaping project tutorials that are easy to follow and ideal for beginners.

    For more on landscaping for beginners, please contact Jovak Landscaping at 604-866-7186. We are a full-service landscaping company that specializes in a variety of different landscaping services including landscaping design, landscaping construction and landscaping maintenance. For a free quote on any of our landscaping services, please fill out a form on our website or gives us a call. For the latest landscaping news, tips and projects, follow Jovak Landscaping on Facebook.