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    Landscaping Water Features

    Adding landscaping water features to your garden can help create an environment that more closely resembles nature. Even something as simple as the sound of a trickling fountain can make your garden a more relaxing and peaceful place. The professional landscapers at Jovak Landscape & Design would love to help you create the perfect water feature using our landscape design and landscape construction services.

    Learn some of the things you should consider before installing a water feature.

    The Different Types of Water Features

    Water features can be anything from a simple small reflecting pool to an elaborate waterfall design. With so many options to choose from, it’s helpful to know about the basic types of water features and how they can enhance your landscaping.


    There are four basic types of ponds:

    • Reflecting Pools–designed to be decorative features, reflecting pools often have formal, geometric shapes with walking surfaces that overhang their edges all the way around.
    • Ornamental Pools–these pools tend to be located near a deck or a patio. They are often designed around an ornamental feature such as a spouting statue.
    • Water Gardens–these are living water features that include aquatic plant life that is full of vibrant colours and textures.
    • Fishponds–fish can be added to almost any water feature as long as certain life sustaining criteria are met.


    Fountains come in an almost limitless variety of shapes and sizes. The sound of water tumbling and splashing, combined with the refreshing mist carried by a summer breeze can add a sense of calm and relaxation to your water feature.

    What are the main benefits for water features?


    Like fountains, waterfalls add motion, sound, and vitality to your water feature. Waterfalls can also bring a vertical dimension to your space as they are often created using natural stone.


    Streams are ideal to have alongside meandering paths, walkways, or even pool decks. Acting as natural filters, streams are often designed in conjunction with waterfalls and ponds in order to help sustain the entire ecosystem of a water feature.

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    Choosing the Right Water Feature for Your Space

    Here are a few steps and considerations that you should take in order to choose the right water feature for your space:

    1. Location–before adding a water feature to your garden area, you should be familiar with the space that you have available. Many water features, such as a water fountain or a fishpond, might be prefabricated and will need to fit into a specific space. Before setting your heart on a location, make sure to carefully measure the space.
    2. Spruce Up The Area–after your water feature is installed, you can add onto your feature by adding life to the surrounding area. This can easily be done by adding plants or by including fish or other wildlife in the water feature itself.
    3. Safety–If you have children, you want to make sure that you choose a safe place for your water feature. In some cases, you might even want to consider blocking the entrance to your water feature with a fence.

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