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    Pergolas vs. Patio Covers

    If you are looking to create a comfortable patio, outdoor kitchen, or other outdoor space for your home, it is important to invest in the right cover. A cover is a vital part of any outdoor space as it provides shade during summer, keeping you, your family, and your guests out of the sun. With so many options for covers available, it can be difficult to determine which is best for your needs and preferences. While pergolas and patio covers are the most popular choices for covering an outdoor space, they have distinct qualities that make them more suitable for certain spaces than others. As a leading provider of complete landscape services, the team at Jovak Landscape & Design knows how important it is to choose the right features for your outdoor space. That is why we have provided some information to help you compare pergolas vs. patio covers and determine which is right for your needs.

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    What is a Pergola?

    Pergolas utilize a frame with open rafters to provide limited shade during spring and summer. The open rafters of a pergola include plank slats or lattice to obstruct the path of sunlight and provide shade during the warmest parts of the day. The taller and closer together these plank slats are, the more shade they will provide.

    These covers are typically free-standing, but they can be connected to the home depending on the size of the unit and the design. Pergolas are typically constructed from stained or treated wood and can be combined with climbing plants for a unique appearance. While most pergolas have an open top, some units can include a retractable cover or fabric canopy for additional coverage.

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    What is a Patio Cover?

    Patio covers are flat or sloped structures that are typically attached to the home on one side and supported by posts on the other. In many ways, a patio cover can be regarded as an extension of your home as they are designed to match the colour of the siding, roof, and trim. Unlike pergolas, patio covers have a solid roof that provides full coverage for sunlight and rain, making them a great choice for homeowners that wish to use their outdoor space all year.

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    Since patio covers are attached to the home and feature a solid roof, it is often easier to install lighting, ceiling fans, and other devices in these spaces than a pergola. Some patio covers also feature mesh siding to maintain visibility while keeping insects out of your space, enhancing comfort without reducing appeal. While patio covers provide more coverage than pergolas, they often require more time, labour, and materials, increasing their cost.

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